Dear Cherry Hill Animal Clinic Friends,

Thank you for your continued support during this pandemic.  We would like to briefly update you on our COVID protocols and to acknowledge our hard-working staff.

This summer, veterinarians across the country have been busier than ever before.  With many of our staff members taking time off to care for children who are learning virtually or taking well-deserved breaks, we have been stretched thin at Cherry Hill.  We have been doing our best to accommodate extra appointments during fully booked days to make sure our sick patients are seen in a timely manner, and many of our staff are working overtime to make it happen.  We are grateful that our most of our clients have been understanding of the added appointment wait times and procedures for curbside service that we have implemented.  We have had to ask many of you to reschedule appointments when we have had last minute staffing changes.

Although we cannot wait to see you all again in person when it is safe, we plan to continue our curbside service indefinitely.  We understand some other businesses (but not vet clinics) are allowing people inside. Unfortunately, this is not realistic for our services and all our adjustments for you entering the building would eliminate too many appointments each day to allow us to keep up with the needs of our patients. Because we cannot practice adequate social distancing in our exam rooms, we would have to take your pet to the treatment area away from you for their exams and procedures. Appointment times would need to be extended as we would have to wait longer to allow one client to go out before bringing in the next client.  Extra time would be needed to disinfect and air out each room between every appointment.

We do treat your pets the same way we would in your presence (except we may love and kiss on them and speak in high squeaky voices a bit more unprofessionally if you cannot hear us).  We are all here because we LOVE dogs and cats, and believe me, loving on them makes these busy days worth it.

Our phone calls have drastically increased with the same number of phone lines and fewer staff. Because of this, it is not unusual for all our phone lines to be in use at once. You may end up on hold, or hear a busy signal.  Many of you have used our Pet pro Connect app or emailed to communicate, and this works well to get your non-urgent message to us.  This is a great way to request prescription refills.  If you would like to be invited to join the Pet pro App, please call, and give us your email address so we can send you an invitation.

In these uncertain and frustrating times, please give our staff some grace, as we do for you. Please be patient and do not take your frustrations out on them.  Your wait times may be longer. Our doctors often cannot return phone calls nor authorize prescription refills until end of day, and sometimes not until the next day—they are not getting a chance to eat or decompress. Please remember that our team members are real people dealing with the same stress this virus has brought everyone and verbally abusing them is not productive in helping your pet–it will only affect the mental health of the team who is working their tails off (pun intended) to help you.  We will not tolerate screaming or name-calling towards our staff, and we will not hesitate to refuse service to those who resort to this type of behavior.

Thank you for your continued patience and trust in our team members.

Dr. Abby Dunlap and the Cherry Hill Animal Clinic Team